3D Annotations enables teams to collaborate on 3D models in Fictiv’s browser-based 3D viewer, by attaching annotations and comments to specific features on a model.

You can attach annotations to:

  • One or multiple surfaces of the model
  • Any point on the model via drop-pin.

How do I place a 3D Annotation?

In the Projects space, click on a model or the comment icon to open the Fictiv 3D viewer.

To attach an annotation to one or multiple surfaces make sure the ‘Select’ tool is on, and click on the model to select surfaces. This will pop open an input field on the right. Once you’re happy with your selection, leave your comment and hit ‘Submit’. 

To attach an annotation to a drop-pin, make sure ‘Drop-pin’ tool is selected. And click anywhere on the model which will pop open the comment box on the right. Leave a comment and hit ‘Submit’. 

Switching between annotation modes

You can switch between the two selecting modes using this toolbar.

Tip: Surface selection is more precise for discussing design intent and DFM topics. Drop-pin can be useful for non-technical collaborators to provide general feedback.

Replying to comments

To reply to a comment, click on the comment thread or corresponding pin on the part and leave your comment in the text box. 

You can leave as many comments and replies as needed, and you can easily reference past comments at any time by clicking on the 3D model in your shared project.

You can also edit and delete comments by clicking on the three dots on the side of the comment to reveal a menu.

Deleting and editing a comment

Use the secondary menu (dotted icon) on each comment row to delete or edit comment. However, deleted comments can be revoked after they’re deleted.

Who can see my 3D annotations?

  • If you’re the owner or the collaborator of a shared project, any collaborator who’s joined the project can see the annotation. They could be your internal teammates or any non-Fictiv supplier.
  • Fictiv will not see the comments on the models (even when you move the parts to quote). However we’re happy to review the models before you send them to quotes. Just message us when you have the model open in the quote space.
  • To see who has access to a shared folder, select the folder in your Projects space, and click the gear icon on the top right.

To learn more about how to manage your shared projects, check out this help article.

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