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What are Fictiv's production holidays?
What are Fictiv's production holidays?

Plan ahead to schedule around Fictiv's non-production days

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Please note that Fictiv will be closed for production on the following days in 2022:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 17)

Chinese New Year (January 31-February 6) *

Presidents' Day (February 21)

Ancestral Tomb Sweeping Day (April 4-5) *

Chinese Labor Day / Youth Day (April 30-May 4) *

Memorial Day (May 30)

Dragon Boat Festival (June 3) *

Independence Day (July 4)

Labor Day (September 5)

Mid-Autumn Festival (September 12) *

National Day (October 3-7) *

Thanksgiving Holiday (November 24 & 25)

Christmas Eve (observed December 23)

Christmas Day (observed December 26)

New Year's Eve (observed December 30)

*Only applies to overseas production

Non-production days will not count towards the lead time of any orders. For example, an order with a 1-day lead time placed before 3pm on Friday, September 2 will not ship until Tuesday, September 6, after Labor Day Weekend.

Here are a few quick tips to avoid getting caught with delays due to non-production days:

  • Staying aware of upcoming holidays is your first line of defense. By factoring these holidays into your production schedule, you can account for the lost time or avoid it entirely by ordering in advance of non-production days. This is especially important for long holidays such as the Chinese New Year.

  • If you're planning on leveraging our overseas network and a Chinese holiday is blocking you from receiving your parts by your deadline, you can re-configure your quote to be produced by our domestic network.

  • Fictiv's quoting platform typically offers multiple production speeds for a part. If your current production speed is too slow, try re-configuring for a faster lead time.

  • Depending on your part's geometry, there may be small DFM changes you can make that will result in a faster lead time. Chat with us or email us at for assistance with evaluating these changes.

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