Fictiv’s platform allows you to view and download a PDF copy of your invoice or receipt for your records. To do so, simply log into the Fictiv platform, navigate to the top of the page, and click “Orders” in the navigation bar.

The Orders section documents every order you’ve placed and its status. From here, click on the relevant order number to see additional information.

From here, you can see details about the order’s status, the parts included in the order, and the comments section where you can place comments or ask questions about the order. You’ll also find the “download receipt” button.

Once you click on this button, the receipt will either open in a new tab or automatically be downloaded depending on your browser’s settings.

Every Fictiv receipt contains a description of the part including process, material, color, and quantity, as well as cost per unit and total cost of that part. Grand totals and payment details are included at the end of the invoice:

So next time your finance team or manager asks for the receipt, you can quickly download and send it over in just a few clicks.

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