Using Fictiv’s online interface, you can place multi-material 3D printing orders of Vero, in combination with Rubber-Like material. To do so, there are a few special requirements that don’t apply to single-material 3D print orders.

Upload a multi-body STEP file:

Multi-material prints require that your parts be in STEP format, in one file, to ensure that the parts will properly oriented in relation to each other. To learn more about how to properly export such a file, check out this article.

Order as Rubber-Like:

With your multi-part STEP file in the quote space, choose Rubber-Like as your material, and specify the shore hardness you’d like to see in the portion of the print that will be Rubber-Like. The shore hardness selection will not affect the material properties of the VeroWhite section, and in the next step, you’ll clarify which part will be Rubber-Like and which part will be VeroWhite.

Let Us Know about Your Order:

After you’ve placed your order, reach out to us using the chat feature, let us know both the order number, and send us a picture or drawing describing which part is which. We don’t need a technical drawing; a screenshot with an annotation, or something equivalent, is just fine.

Once you’ve completed all three steps, your order will proceed normally, and you’ll have your multi-material parts in hand as quickly as within 24 hours.

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