Fictiv Workspace Projects are a great way to organize your 3D models and associated files. Projects can be shared with team members or external partners for streamlined collaboration. 

After setting up a Project, it's often necessary to update one of your 3D models. With Workspace, you have the ability to upload a new version of a 3D model, and create a clear history of a part's iterations along the way.

Upload Revision from Project Page

  1. Navigate to the Project you'd like to upload to, and find the 3D model you'd like to update
  2. Select the three-dot action button and choose "Upload revision"
  3. Find the new version of the 3D model from your Computer you'd like to upload and select "Open"

View Revision History from Project

When a revision has been uploaded to a Project, you will see the latest revision number next to the filename. To view a part's revision history, simply select the revision number as shown below.

View Revision History from 3D Viewer

It's also possible to see a part's revision history from within the 3D viewer. To do this, simply select "View revisions" from the 3D viewer as shown below.

Add Revision Notes

From within the Revision history view, it's possible to leave a note for each revision (A), as well as upload a new revision (B).

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