Why won't my file upload?

Possible causes and solutions for model upload and timeout failures

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There are a number of reasons why your model may not be uploading properly. In this article, we will go over some of the most common reasons and possible solutions. 

AdBlock Interference

If you select your file from the dialog box and nothing happens, it’s possible AdBlock is interfering. Disabling AdBlock for app.fictiv.com may allow you to upload files normally.

Model Not Watertight

There are a few possible causes to receiving an error that a model isn’t watertight. For parts exported from Solidworks, make sure you only export one part configuration. Multiple part configurations in the same part will be read by the platform simultaneously in the same location, causing the platform to reject your file as non-watertight.

It is important to note that surface modeling programs such as Rhino, SketchUp, Blender, and Cinema4D are not designed to make watertight parts, and require extra care during the design process to avoid producing non-watertight files.

In situations where you’re stuck with a file that isn’t watertight and have no way to revise the part, you can use a mesh repair tool to patch any holes that exist. This Help Center article goes more in-depth about what it means when a model is not watertight, how it occurs, and what tools can be used to fix it.

Multiple Bodies or Assemblies

At this time, we can only accept files that contain single bodies. If you have an assembly, you will need to create a file for each part and upload them separately. 

Network Firewall

Some office network firewalls will prevent you from successfully uploading your model. In these situations, it may appear that after beginning the upload, you’ll see no evidence that your file was selected. If you can, use  the platform on a different network or speak with your network administrator about adding app.fictiv.com to your network whitelist. 

Voids and Geometric Artifacts

When creating complex 3D models, it’s easy to create accidental voids and artifacts. Fictiv requires each uploaded part to contain a single solid-body. Please be sure to remove any extra solid bodies, and fill any unwanted voids 

None of the Above

If none of the causes above pertain to you, try refreshing the page. If it still isn’t working, it could be a conversion error. If you tried to upload a native CAD file, try a .step file. If you tried to upload a .step file, try native CAD. There’s always a chance that files can become corrupted as the result of a bad export from your CAD software. If none of the above root causes and suggestions appear to match your situation, try re-exporting the file from your CAD software.

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