Our aim as a virtual contract manufacturer is to make the ordering process as seamless as possible for our customers. In this article, we will go over some helpful tips and tricks that will serve to enhance your experience and set you up for success.

CAD Files with Multiple Bodies/Assemblies

For CNC machining, we accept CAD files for parts with modeled-in pins and inserts, but we fail other multiple body files.

For 3D printing, we do accept multiple body CAD files, although we will provide a DFM warning in case the parts are not properly printable.

We do not currently accept assembly files or CAD files that contain multiple bodies for urethane casting, injection molding, or die casting.

Mating Parts

When you place an order that has a mating part not made by Fictiv, we may request that you provide the mating part or send us a link to the source so our manufacturing partner can test for fit and accuracy. This isn’t always the case, but if the mating part is a custom thread, there’s a high likelihood this ask will be made of you. If we need to source the mating part ourselves, it should be kept in mind this will likely add to the lead time and cost. 

Partial Shipments

If you place an order that has different lead times, we will send all parts together on the longer lead. If you would like to receive your parts as they are ready, you will need to place  separate orders grouped by the lead time. Because our shipping costs are calculated from the order data, we kindly request you submit separate orders instead of reaching out to separate the parts post-order. This is to avoid shipping cost calculation errors. 

Combining Shipping

Conversely, if you place two separate orders on the same lead time and the due-by date is the same, we can combine the shipping and refund you for one shipping charge if you contact us immediately and those orders have not been processed. To do this, please email help@fictiv.com and be sure to include both order numbers. If your order is being shipped via standard or overnight mail, the refund will not be processed until your order ships and the exact shipping cost is determined.

Updating the CAD or PDF Files Post-Order

We cannot update either the CAD or drawing post-order. This is due to a number of reasons including new cost drivers (tighter tolerances, custom material callout, etc.) that will render the initial cost inaccurate. If it is absolutely necessary to make a change, we request you alert us immediately so we can cancel your existing order before it is kicked off. If the order has already been kicked off by our manufacturing partner, we cannot guarantee a full refund. 

Configuring Parts Post-RFQ

Once you submit your RFQ (request for quote), you cannot make any changes in your configuration. If you need to do so, you will have to re-upload your parts, configure, and resubmit your RFQ. This includes thread assignment, material selection, quantity, etc. Alternatively, you can cancel your RFQ and then resubmit for another quote after configuring. 

3D Printing Materials and Processes

Unlike CNC orders, we do not review 3D printing orders for manufacturability other than to notify you if the walls of your part are too thin to be reliably printed. In addition to that, tolerances on 3D printed parts cannot be guaranteed though some materials are better than others in that regard. Please check out our Capabilities Guide and/or Help Center to understand the different 3D printing process, materials, and limitations. 

Splitting 3D Prints

In some cases, such as a part not having flat surfaces to print on, our manufacturing partners may need to split your model to increase the chances of a successful print. If this is done, the part will be glued together by our MP and sent to you as a whole. 

CNC Quoting Process

When you submit your CNC RFQ for local production, our in-house engineers will review each model for cost drivers and manufacturability. The quote will be returned to you via email, and if there is any DFM feedback, you can review it and accept any warnings to proceed with your order. In some cases, certain features cannot be manufactured as-is and you will receive an alert that will block you from proceeding with your order until a revision has been uploaded and RFQ’d. For more information on CNC DFM and cost drivers, please check out this article and/or our Hardware Guide which goes more in-depth about ways to reduce CNC costs.

Custom Materials and Post-Processes

If you are seeking a material, process, or finishing process that you do not see on our platform, please reach out to us at help@fictiv.com and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please note this will require a manual quote that could take up to 2 business days to return.

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