We are happy to help our customers in any way we can including furnishing specific certificates and inspection reports upon request. If you have specific requirements, please speak with your Account Executive prior to placing your order as they may impact the lead time and come at an additional cost. All inspection and certificate requests must be called out in a drawing. 

Certificate of Conformance (CoC)

This document certifies a part was manufactured to the exact specifications and requirements called out in the drawing. Fictiv can furnish a certificate of conformance (CoC) at your request for an additional $100 and it must be called out in a drawing, as well. If a certificate of conformance is requested prior to ordering, it will not impact the lead time.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

First articles are the first units in a mass-produced production run. This early stage inspection is designed to demonstrate whether the production staff have understood and incorporated your requirements before a product reaches later stages of mass-production. If the production processes, parts, and materials used meet your requirements, the parts should be able to be reliably mass-produced to your standards. Because each customer’s definition of a first article inspection can vary greatly, please speak with your Account Executive to learn more about pricing and additional lead time.

CMM Inspection Report

CMM stands for Coordinate Measuring Machine. This device precisely measures the geometry of a physical object using a surface probe. CMM reports are costly and the cost is calculated on a per-part basis. A CMM report request must be called out in a drawing and it can add 3-5 business days to the lead time. 

Material Certificate

A material certificate may not be available for all materials. If one is requested, Fictiv’s manufacturing partner will try to find a supplier that can provide a material certificate, however, the ability to furnish one is not guaranteed. If it’s possible to obtain one, the cost will depend on the material, and sourcing difficulty may impact the lead time. This request must be submitted prior to placing your order.

Please note if you submit your RFQ that includes certificate and/or inspection callouts in a drawing without a prior discussion with your Account Executive, the quote will not reflect the cost of the certificate/inspection or the potential additional lead time.

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