When you place an overseas order with Fictiv, you are responsible for gathering the information necessary to move your order smoothly through both US and international customs. But don’t worry! With Fictiv’s help, coordinating international shipping can be a quick, painless process--gathering the information you’ll need can take as little as ten minutes. 

First off, if you or your company have not imported goods before, you’ll need to fill out a 5106 form and email it to FedEx (our primary international parcel shipping carrier) at cpg@ftn.fedex.com. This will establish your identity with US customs as the importer of record for the shipment. The most important information FedEx requires is your company’s EIN, your company’s bank account and routing numbers, and the address of your company’s headquarters.

Then, in order to ensure your order doesn’t encounter any delays in customs, you’ll need to gather and prepare the following 3 pieces information for each part you order:

  • HTS codes
  • A description of the part use (e.g. plate for assembly fixture) 
  • Application of the product (e.g. assembly fixture for assembling autonomous vehicles)

Your customer experience representative will reach out to you within 48 hours after your order is placed to collect this information from you and assist you with any questions you might have. If you are unsure about which HTS codes correspond to each of your parts, you can use Flexport’s lookup tool here

Once your parts have shipped, customs will reach out to collect any applicable duties based on the HTS code(s) you’ve designated for your parts. If your parts are prototypes, you can avoid paying duties by using the HTS code 9817.85.01, which corresponds to a 0% tariff. In order to qualify as prototype parts, your parts must be:

  • For development (i.e. non-revenue) purposes only 
  • In limited, non-commercial quantities
  • Not subject to quantitative restrictions, antidumping orders, or countervailing duties
  • Able to be verified that they meet the above criteria, should US customs request such information

For more complete information regarding shipping internationally with Fictiv, please check out our international shipping guide: https://help.fictiv.com/en/articles/3222529-international-trade-fictiv-style

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