The next generation of the Fictiv quoting experience will accelerate your workflow and make it easier than ever to get your parts manufactured. We enhanced the functionality with four new features to help you: 

  • Manage and compare individual quotes
  • Increase team visibility on quotes for streamlined approvals and purchasing
  • Group and bulk configure large BOMs
  • Discover new manufacturing capabilities

This article will dive into those features so that you can quickly master our quoting experience.

Manage and Compare Multiple Quotes

Our new quotes dashboard makes it easy to group files into distinct quotes, compare the prices based on different configurations, and check out whenever you’re ready without having to remove parts from your cart. 

Your quotes are organized in the dashboard by the creation date, and you can edit the name of each quote by clicking into the quote detail page and selecting the pencil icon. 

If one of the parts in your quote isn't ready to be purchased or has manufacturability issues that are blocking you from checking out, you can click the ellipsis menu to the right of the Price and select Move to... in order to shift the configured part to an existing quote, or to create a new quote for the part.

Once all of the parts in a quote are configured and priced, you can check out directly from the dashboard by clicking the Begin checkout button on the right-hand side of your quote. 

Shares Quotes With Your Team

From either your quotes dashboard or your quote detail page, you’re now able to share the quote with collaborators who can view, edit, and/or purchase parts.

The first way to share is to click Copy link, which provides you with an access link that your teammate can paste into their browser’s URL bar. 

Alternatively, you can invite new collaborators via email. Once you type in their email address(es) and click Send invitation email, our platform will automatically send them a link to check out the quote.

Clicking over to the Sharing settings tab in the quote sharing window will allow you to view and manage collaborators at any time. Once someone purchases the quote, all collaborators on that quote will receive an email confirmation. On the Orders page, you can see who paid for it and the order’s shipping destination.

Bulk Configure Large BOMs

With our Bulk Configuration feature, you can add and manage requirements for a large bill of materials (BOM). If you have multiple parts in your quote with the same manufacturing requirements, you can now apply the same configuration to all of them with a single action. 

To bulk configure a selection of parts, navigate to the quote detail page from your dashboard and click the checkboxes on the left. You can also click the master checkbox in the top row to select all files in a quote. 

As soon as you make your selections, you’ll have the option to Configure, Remove, or Download selected files. Click Configure to specify manufacturing requirements for your parts just as you would for an individual part, and apply the configuration to save it to each part you selected.

Discover Additional Manufacturing Capabilities

In addition to our core competencies of 3D Printing, CNC, and urethane casting, we have an excellent network of partners capable of producing parts in Injection Molding and Die Casting. To browse our full list of additional capabilities, scroll through the Process dropdown while configuring your part. 

Once you choose one and save the configuration, click Request manual quote and your Fictiv sales representative will be notified that you’re looking for a quote. If you don’t already have a dedicated sales representative, you will automatically be assigned one. 

Your sales representative will reach out within one business day to scope out your project and make sure it’s a good fit for our network. If it is, quoting generally takes about 24 hours. 

In addition to our manually quoted processes, our quoting engine also offers a wide array of finishing options for machined parts. Once you’ve configured your part for CNC machining and selected your desired material and quantity, you can get instant pricing for one or more finishes.

How to Get Started

  1. Upload your part by clicking the grey upload box, and select one or more files from your computer. This will automatically create a new quote. 
  2. Click Configure to select the manufacturing process, material, color, post-processing, and quantity that you want quoted, and then click Save and close. If your part comes back with DFM feedback, click View and approve warnings to review and accept it.
  3. If the quote looks good, click Begin checkout on the right-hand side to fill in your shipping and payment information before placing your order. 

If you have questions or feedback about the new quoting experience, please reach out to us via live chat or at’d love to hear from you!

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