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Latest updates related to COVID-19
Latest updates related to COVID-19

As of April 9, 2020

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Fictiv is open for business and our global manufacturing network has plenty of open capacity, in both the US and the Asia-Pacific region. 

We've been working quickly to expand capacity to meet demand, especially for urgent healthcare needs, and are proud to now offer our fastest CNC machining lead times ever at 2-days for domestic production and 4-days for overseas production.

Due to shelter-in-place policies in the US, there are some temporary changes to our shipping options:

  • Our primary shipping carriers (FedEx and UPS) are experiencing delays for international shipments. Our logistics team is doing all that is possible to reduce likelihood of your shipment being delayed.

  • Order pickup and courier shipping services are temporarily unavailable

  • Due due unavailability of courier shipping, same-day Vero 3D printing is also unavailable currently

Our San Francisco team is currently working remotely, in accordance with Bay Area shelter-in-place laws, but our team remains full operational and is standing by to answer any of your questions!

To learn more about COVID-19 resources and solutions to mitigate disruptions to your supply chain, visit our COVID-19 resources page.

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