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How do I place a reorder?
How do I place a reorder?

Skip reconfiguring to check out faster

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When you order parts using the Fictiv platform, we will save your CAD files and 2D drawings in our system for easy future reordering. To initiate a reorder, first go to the Orders tab of your Fictiv account, where you’ll see your past orders listed in chronological order. 

Click on an order name to view the order detail page, and you’ll see the Reorder button listed next to options for downloading the order invoice, inspection data, and the CAD files for the parts in the order.

Clicking Reorder will bring to you a fully configured quote featuring the exact specifications the parts were originally ordered with. If you do not wish to change any specifications, you may proceed directly to checkout.

If you’d like to modify anything about the original order, such as an increase in quantity or a change of material, you can click Unlock quote.

Please note that unlocking the quote will apply our latest pricing analysis to your parts and may result in changes to lead-time, pricing, or DFM. Furthermore, editing the quote may require you to re-request a quote.

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