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How to share a Fictiv quote
How to share a Fictiv quote

Learn how to invite team members to your Fictiv quote for streamlined approvals and purchasing.

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It can often be useful to share your Fictiv quotes with other team members, such as a manager or a buyer, for approvals and purchasing.

It's easy to share your quotes in just a few steps.

Share a quote from Quotes Dashboard

You can find the share button from your Quotes Dashboard, in the upper right corner of a quote.

Share a quote from Quote Details

You can also find the share button from an individual Quote Detail page.

Forward to Purchaser

You can send quote details directly to your purchasing team.

Forwarding will enable a purchaser to edit, share, download or purchase this quote.

Enter the full email address, and include an optional note to your collaborator.

Invite your colleagues

Once you've clicked the Share button, you can either share the quote with a universal guest link or by entering the email addresses of one or multiple colleagues you'd like to share the quote with. Anyone with the universal guest link can join the quote, which gives them the ability to edit and access quote content, including part drawings and/or specifications.

Review and remove access

Under the "Sharing settings" tab, you can see who the quote has been shared with and the status of their invitation. You can also remove sharing access here.

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