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How to move parts between quotes
How to move parts between quotes

Get your parts when you need them by grouping them effectively

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If you want to consolidate parts based on lead time or if one of the parts in your quote isn't ready to be purchased, you can leverage Fictiv's Move to... feature to transfer your parts to another quote, or create a brand new quote for them.

There are two ways to move a part to a different quote. For single parts, click the ellipsis menu to the right of the Price and select the Move to... option. This will open a modal displaying all of your open quotes. To transfer the part, you can select one of these pre-existing quotes, or click + Create new quote to move the part to a fresh quote.

If you want to move multiple parts at once, you can select the parts to be moved using the checkboxes next to the part images and then click the Move to.... once it appears in the top bar.

Once all of the parts in a quote are configured and priced, you can check out directly from the dashboard by clicking the Begin checkout button on the right-hand side of your quote.

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