When you request an IM quote with Fictiv, your part is evaluated by our team of Quoting Engineers. Fictiv will provide Design For Manufacturability (DFM) feedback throughout the quoting and ordering process to ensure your design is optimized for Injection Molding and that any quality risks or requirements deviations are discussed and acknowledged.

You will receive an email notification when the new DFM reports are ready for your review and approval. When you have DFM reports for a part, an orange button See DFM report file(s) will appear next to your CAD preview. Click See DFM report file(s) to access and download the DFM report files.

How to review/approve the DFM report

  1. Download the DFM report file from our platform

  2. Review the Fictiv analysis on each DFM topic in the DFM report. You may receive one of the following analyses on each DFM topic.

    1. The green box indicates that your part is acceptable on the DFM topic.

    2. The orange box indicates that some changes are recommended on the DFM topic. Please upload part or drawing revisions to your Fictiv quote if needed.

    3. The red box indicates that some changes are required on the DFM topic. Please upload part or drawing revisions to your Fictiv quote so that your part can be injection molded.

  3. If you have any questions about our analysis, please add comments to the corresponding slide in the PowerPoint file. Use Comments field under the Fictiv analysis or insert text and shape directly into the slide.

  4. After the Injection Molding tooling deposit is made, you will receive PEG reports (Final DFM). PEG stands for Parting line split, Ejection outline, and Gate location. These 3 aspects of tooling design require your approval before we begin manufacturing your parts. Please check the box “I approve the analysis on this slide” and enter the date of approval in the approval box in each slide of the PEG report (Final DFM) to provide your approval.

  5. After you review each slide and provide comments/approval, save the PowerPoint file and click Upload DFM report to upload it to our platform. Our quoting engineers will then either proceed with your quote or respond to your feedback by uploading a new DFM report.

Frequently asked questions about DFM reports

Where can I find all DFM reports of all part revisions?

Before the deposit is made, you can find the DFM reports associated with all part revisions in Revision history. After the deposit is made, the DFM reports for the current part revision will be accessible in the Order details.

What file types do you support for uploading DFM reports to the platform?

We support PPT and PPTX.

When is the DFM analysis process complete?

When all of the required items are satisfied, and the analyses in the PEG report (Final DFM) are approved by you and sent back to Fictiv.

Do I still need to upload my DFM report to the Fictiv platform if all of the analysis boxes are green?

Yes, you still need to acknowledge and send the file back to Fictiv.

Is there a cost associated with DFM analysis?

No, we offer this guided expertise free of charge.

What information can I find in the DFM reports?

  • Depending on how optimized your design is for the Injection Molding process, we may provide Injection Molding DFM feedback to call out risks or design changes you need to consider or make prior to placing an order.

  • The first few rounds of DFM reports will focus on preliminary analysis, including draft analysis, parting lines, thickness analysis, and tolerance feasibility.

  • If you decide to proceed with the order, Fictiv will provide more in-depth DFM feedback including warp analysis, gate location, weld line, ejector pin location, and side actions.

  • If your design is not sufficiently optimized for Injection Molding, we may decline the opportunity and provide high-level guidance on how to best design for Injection Molding.

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