If a quote inside a team needs to be shared with someone outside of the team, this article will show the ways of doing that. Main topics include learning about sharing a quote with a collaborator, removing a collaborator from a quote, and what quote collaborators can do.

Adding collaborators to a quote

To add a collaborator to a quote, click on the quote from the team then click "Share" on the upper right-hand side [Fig. 1].

Fig. 1

Clicking "Share" will open a dialog box, in which you have two options to share the quote:

  1. Add the other user's email address and click "Share quote"

    1. If the recipient is an existing user on Fictiv, they get added to the quote immediately.

    2. If the recipient is not an existing user on Fictiv, an invitation email is sent to them with a link to sign-up, in order to view the quote. Upon sign-up, they can see the quote that was shared with them but do not become a member of any team or business account.

    3. A banner appears to confirm if the collaborator was added successfully.

  2. Copy the invitation link from the bottom of the screen and share the URL directly [Fig. 2]

Fig. 2

Removing collaborators from a quote

To remove a collaborator from a quote, open the quote, then click on "Share" [Fig. 1]. This opens the dialog box which shows a list of emails that have access to the quote. On that list, locate the collaborator that needs to be removed and click "Remove" on the right of their name [Fig. 3]. A banner appears to confirm if the collaborator was removed successfully.

Fig. 3

What can quote collaborators do?

Adding a non-team member collaborator to a quote grants them the access to view, edit, share, download, and purchase that quote, but they can not see any other quotes in the team. Collaborators can also view the order details if they purchased the quote. As with quotes, they can not see any other orders in the team.

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