What is Preferred Pricing?
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Preferred Pricing is a cost-savings benefit available to customers on the paid membership of Fictiv Premium. Depending on the negotiated terms, customers get a better price for their parts than our non-Premium customers who pay the full price.

How do I get Preferred Pricing?

In order to benefit from Preferred Pricing, it is important that your company's Business Account with Fictiv is enabled with the Fictiv Premium membership. To subscribe to Fictiv Premium, email us at sales@fictiv.com.

If your company's Business Account is already enabled with the Fictiv Premium membership but you are not a member yet, refer to this article to follow the steps to join the Business Account to start enjoying the negotiated pricing with Fictiv.

How do I verify preferred pricing on my quotes and orders?

As long as you are an active member of a Business Account that contains Preferred Pricing, it is automatically applied to all your applicable quotes (see exceptions section below). Each quote shows a green tag next to each part to which preferred pricing is applied. Preferred pricing is also presented in the Summary section like [Fig. 1].

Fig. 1

To see the detailed breakdown of before and after price for each part, click on the Download quote button.

When the quote is ready to be purchase, the Preferred pricing is also mentioned on the Summary section of the checkout page like [Fig. 2].

Fig. 2

Upon placing the order, to see the detailed breakdown of the before and after price, download the Order confirmation PDF.

Exceptions to preferred pricing

Certain processes, materials and services are excluded from the Preferred Pricing. Please see Fictiv's Terms for more details.

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