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How do you handle IP/confidentiality?
How do you handle IP/confidentiality?

How Fictiv protects your intellectual property and confidentiality

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At Fictiv, we know how critical information security is, especially when working with high-value design IP. That's why we designed our platform with elite-level security and confidentiality as a top priority. From log in to file upload to part fulfillment, you can rest easy knowing that your IP is safe within our secure Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem.

To ensure that our protocols for handling our customers' security are aligned with our high standards, our physical security, information systems security, employee processes and policies, and manufacturing partner protocols have been independently assessed as compliant with SSAE18 SOC 2 standards by an AICPA-approved third party auditor.

How Fictiv Protects Your Design IP

File management and anonymization - When you place an order with Fictiv, your parts are intelligently matched with the best manufacturing partner in our network for the job. However, only the partner who receives the match gets access to your data. There is no bidding involved in our match process. Additionally, we scrub any identifiable information from your CAD models and drawings before sharing them with our partner to further anonymize and protect your data.

Partner vetting and management - All manufacturing partners in our network are highly vetted and actively managed. Before bringing on a new partner, we initiate a rigorous onboarding process to audit their facilities, quality management systems, and practices around IP management. Our manufacturing partners are under strict NDAs and function as legal arms of Fictiv.

NDAs - If you'd like extra peace of mind, we are happy to provide our mutual NDA for you to sign, or work with you to sign your company's proprietary NDA. You can email us at to get started.

Advanced IP Protection with Secure+

Our Secure+ offering, available through the Fictiv Enterprise plan, takes IP protection to the next level with advanced security protocols.

Secure+ orders are exclusively matched with partners in our network that are independently audited and compliant with ISO 27001, SSAE18 SOC 2, or NIST security standards. Fictiv also performs due diligence on each of them β€” including annual on-site inspections β€” before they become or remain a Secure+ partner.

Those partners offer access-controlled rooms with video surveillance on entrances and exits where parts are produced, and only select, authenticated users whose actions are logged can access design data. Additionally, we implement personal device controls in manufacturing facilities and retain IP data for a max of 15 days after orders are complete to maintain information security.

Fictiv-issued devices that have neither internet connection nor removable memory cards are used for documenting inspections, and design IP information is only transferred over secured, audited channels. We implement strong authentication requirements on production systems, including multi-factor authentication, strong password protocols, and encryption. We also use cutting-edge application and physical network security, plus system monitoring with intrusion detection and prevention.

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