Protecting customer intellectual property is a top priority for us at Fictiv and something we take very seriously. 

There are 3 major ways that we help protect your IP:

  1. File management and anonymization
    When you place an order with Fictiv, your parts are intelligently matched with the best manufacturing partner in our network for the job. However, only the partner who receives the match gets access to your data. There is no bidding involved in our match process. Additionally, Fictiv removes identifiable customer information from CAD models and drawings before sharing with the matched partner to further anonymize and protect customer data.
  2. Partner vetting and management
    All manufacturing partners in our network are highly vetted and managed. Before bringing on a new partner, we go through a rigorous onboarding process to audit their facilities, their quality management processes, and practices around IP management.
  3. NDAs
    All Fictiv manufacturing partners are under contract and technically legal arms of Fictiv to make sure that your IP is protected. In addition, we are happy to provide and sign an NDA with your company. You can email us at to get an NDA executed.

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