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Setting Up Your Punchout Integration with Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Systems
Setting Up Your Punchout Integration with Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Systems
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Punchout integration with Procure-to-Pay (P2P) systems, also known as Punchout Catalog integration, is a powerful solution that streamlines your procurement process. Fictiv’s Punchout integration connects P2P systems with the Fictiv platform, so that you can access Fictiv directly from your P2P system that supports cXML integrations, such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, and MS Dynamics 365.

Fictiv Punchout Integration with P2P Systems

Once you have a quote from Fictiv, you can transfer the quote item details (part name, price, quantity, shipping, and tax) from Fictiv to your P2P system with a single click. This lets you create purchase requisitions without the tedious manual copy & paste work required to transfer quote item details into your procurement system.

How do I get Punchout integration for my P2P system?

  1. Contact Fictiv to request an integration by reaching out to your account executive or emailing our support team at

  2. Identify your procurement system’s administrator, which could be your Procurement or IT team

  3. Fictiv will provide information for your procurement system’s administrator to configure Fictiv’s Punchout Catalog and conduct a short connectivity test

This integration is available for all business customers via Fictiv Teams. To learn more and get access, please visit our website.

Once the connection is established, you can start using your procurement system to shop on Fictiv!

How do I use Fictiv’s Punchout Catalog once it is live in my P2P system?

  1. Go to your procurement system

  2. Open Fictiv from your procurement system

  3. Upon signup or login, you should see “Ordering via procurement system…” label at the top

  4. Create a new quote or open an existing quote

  5. Proceed to checkout page and enter shipping information

  6. Click “Send to Punchout” to transfer the quote items into your Procurement system

  7. At this point, you should see the items in your cart in your Procurement system

  8. Enter any required information and submit your purchase request for approval

Common questions:

  • Why are some processes unavailable?

    • When setting up Punchout integration with your P2P system, your company decided to restrict this integration to specific processes. For example, your company may choose to only allow the 3D printing process to be used through the integration. If you would like to purchase parts from an unavailable process, you must do so outside of the integration, and pay using a credit card or manually create a requisition request.

  • Why doesn’t Punchout integration work with customized line items?

    • Customized quotes are newly available on the Fictiv platform, and we have not yet added Punchout integration support for them yet. Currently, the integration only works for quotes that have been fully configured and quoted on the Fictiv platform, because for custom quotes, the platform is not aware of the line-item-level details of the configuration or price. So, for now you must manually create the purchase request in your procurement system for customized quotes.

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