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What infill do you use for 3D printing?
What infill do you use for 3D printing?

Compare the internal structure of our various 3DP processes

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For the PolyJet (Vero, Rubber-like, ABS-like), SLS (Nylon 12), MJF (PA12 Nylon), and SLA (Accura 25, Accura ClearVue) processes, we use a standard solid infill for 3D printing.

For FDM parts (PLA, ABS, PETG), we use a smart matrix infill. By default, this 10-25% infill optimizes material cost, weight, and print time, while also retaining structural rigidity.

To specify a greater infill density, click the menu labelled “Infill” and select the option that will best meet your requirements for part performance, strength, and cost.

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