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What happens after I request an exact CNC quote?
What happens after I request an exact CNC quote?

A more detailed look at our manual quote process for CNC Machining

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While some of the parts submitted on our platform are quoted automatically, more complex parts need to be quoted manually by our manufacturing team. Once you configure your part and click "Get exact quote", our manufacturing engineers review your part and any attached 2D drawings to verify production details. We will relay any DFM feedback, tips for cost/time savings, and questions about any features, all via annotations on the 3D viewer. We will also generate the exact costs so you can evaluate. This process takes less than two hours.

There's no need to remain online during quoting, as we will email you when the information is ready. Once your part has been fully quoted, you can go back to your account, review the feedback, reconfigure your part if needed, and then proceed to checkout.

If you have any questions on DFM feedback or pricing, please contact your designated Sales Representative or email us at

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