For 3D printing

Quotes are instant! As soon as you upload a part, you will be able to use the configuring dropdowns to select for material, lead time, color, etc. One the parts are fully configured, the quote will appear, at which point you'll be able to add the parts to your cart and order them.


After uploading a part, you will get an instant cost range estimate to use for guidance. Once you hit "Get exact quote", we will review the part and generate the official quote (and any DFM feedback) in about 1 hour.

For special requests (highly complex features, large quantities, etc.) quotes could take up to a day. We will inform you in about an hour what timeline to expect for these special scenarios.

For Urethane Casting (RTV Molding)

After you select Urethane Casting, we will ask you a few more questions about your project. Once we gather details, quotes usually take between 24 and 48 hours to generate.

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