When our platform calculates pricing, we automatically factor in quantity discounts.

For 3D Printing

As you configure higher quantities, the unit cost will drop because you will have a lower set up fee. Note that because 3D printing scales linearly with material consumption and cleaning time, the high quantity cost savings will be lower for 3D printing than for other manufacturing methods.

Up to about 20-30 qty, you can use the pricing as displayed in your Fictiv account. If you are considering high quantities for 3D printing (around 50+), please message us in the chat window. We are happy to generate custom pricing or direct you toward a more efficient manufacturing method.


You will notice the largest cost savings when you configure from 1 to 5 qty because you are distributing CAM and setup costs. You will continue to see quantity savings to about 25 qty.

If interested in producing more than 25 qty, please message us, since lead time may be affected.

If you are configuring high quantity or approaching Production CNC, please message us in the chat window. Our instant cost-range estimates reflect prototyping CNC, so as you configure high quantities, you might notice the unit cost becoming drastically large. Don't be alarmed! Just let us know your needs and we will generate lower unit costs by quoting via production CNC.

For Urethane Casting (RTV Molding)

Costs are most efficient in multiples of 20 qty (because each mold is good for about 20 castings, so you will distribute the cost to create the mold).

Anywhere from 20-500 qty is a good range for Urethane Casting manufacturing process. 

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