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What file formats does Fictiv support?
What file formats does Fictiv support?

A full list of the file formats from all CAD systems that we accept

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With so many different 3D model file formats, it can be difficult to know not only what formats are supported, but also what formats are required for different processes. In this article, we will go over each process and their accepted file formats, as well as the formats we do not currently support. Please note in almost all cases, we require CAD files to contain a singular, solid body.

CNC & Injection Molding 

CNC and injection molded parts require parametric models. Mesh files are not compatible with these processes; only .step and some native CAD files are supported.

Urethane Casting

Although RTV masters are often times printed, we cannot accept a mesh file for urethane casting orders in case the master must be machined.

The following file types are supported by Fictiv for machining, injection molding, and urethane casting:


Dassault Systemes
.sldprt, .3dxml, .catpart, .catshape, .cgr, .dlv, .exp, .model, .session


Siemens PLM
.jt, .par, .prt, .x_t, .x_b

Other Systems
.3dm, .vda, .prt, .x3dv, .ifc., .mf1, .neu, .prc, .sab, .sat, .u3d, .vda, .xas, .xpr

.stp, .step

3D Printing

3D printing is one process that doesn’t require a parametric model. Mesh files, such as .stl, are acceptable. However, parametric models may also be uploaded for 3D prints. Files must only contain one solid body; we do not print files with multiple bodies or assemblies. Please see a list of supported mesh file types below.

Mesh File Types:
.stl, .3ds, .collada, .dae, .obj, .off, .ply, .v3d, .pts, .tri, .acs, .x3d, .wrl

BOM Uploads, Drawings, and Specialty File Types

Please note that while some file types will upload successfully, that does not mean they can be used to submit an order on our platform. We suggest you refer to the lists above to avoid any upload failures. Fictiv also does not accept drawing files (except when accompanied by a CAD file), or IGES and F3D files. Below is a list of exceptional file types and in what instances they can be used to place an order with Fictiv:


Fictiv cannot currently quote or make parts based on assembly files. If you are interested in ordering an assembly, each part will need to have its own CAD file. However, if you are uploading your BOM for production, Fictiv will accept assembly files as supplementary information. Common assembly file types are .sldasm, .asm, .iam, and .catproduct. 


The only time you may upload a drawing file is when it's in conjunction with a CAD file, and it must be in PDF format. We do not accept .slddrw, .dxf, or .catdrawing files. We also cannot quote a project based on a drawing alone.

Specialty File Types

An example of a specialty file type would be a Solid Edge sheet metal file (.psm) or weldment file (.pwd). These file types are not currently supported in their native CAD, however, we will accept step files.

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