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How to use Fictiv's Mold Library to place reorders
How to use Fictiv's Mold Library to place reorders
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After placing your first tooling order with Fictiv (e.g. Injection Molding, Compression Molding or Die Casting) your purchased molds will show up in your Mold Library under My Workspace. Only you have visibility to the molds you purchased in your Mold Library. If you don't see your mold present in your Library it may have been purchased by someone else at your organization. Please contact Fictiv support and our team will work with you to get access.

How do I place a reorder off my mold?

To place a reorder off a mold you have built with Fictiv click the reorder parts button on your Molds list page. You can search for a mold or part by part name, order name, mold name or PO#. Please note, molds that are still being built and not yet ready for production will be visible in your Library but not available for reorders.

You can add parts from different molds to a reorder, however only one reorder quote can be active at a time.

Where can I find my reorder quote?

To find your reorder quote look for the associated quote link from your Mold Library. Your reorders will also be visible from your Quotes list under My Workspace.

Making changes to your reorder

Currently only quantity changes are permitted to reorders off your mold. If design changes are needed please contact your Fictiv sales representative to discuss your project changes. If you need to remove a mold you may do so at any time as shown below.

How to share a reorder with a colleague

To share a reorder with someone use the Share feature from your quote. If you would prefer to transfer ownership of your mold please contact your Fictiv sales representative and they will transfer ownership of your mold to another Fictiv user.

Placing your reorder

Reorder quotes need to be evaluated by our team and cannot be automatically priced due to market fluctuations. Please request a quote from our team who will get back to you within one business day.

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