Projects are a great way to organize your 3D models and associated files. Projects can be shared with team members or external partners for streamlined collaboration.

Create a Project

  1. Login to your Fictiv account
  2. Select "Workspace" from the left-side navigation bar
  3. Select "New project folder"

Upload Files

  1. From within the Project, select "Upload project files"
  2. Select all the files you'd like to upload - this can be 3D models, 2D drawings, or any other associated files.

Link Files

Within a Project you have the ability to associate a 2D Drawing with a specific revision of a 3D model, building in additional clarity.. To link a Drawing to a 3D model:

  1. Select "Link"
  2. Select the PDF file you'd like to link (Pro Tip: within the file select dropdown menu, you can search for a file's name)

Share Project

The last step in setting up your Workspace Project is inviting collaborators - whether internal teammates or external partners.

  1. From within the Project, select "Share project"
  2. Copy the Guest access link and share with your collaborators - Anyone who clicks the link and logs in to their Fictiv account will become a Collaborator within the Project.
  3. Alternatively, to invite multiple collaborators at once, enter their Emails into the "Invite collaborators" text box and select "Invite to project"
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