Same-Day Vero is a Fictiv service offering that gets you 3D printed parts in our highest resolution material, shipped same-day when you order before 10am.

What kind of parts can I order with Same-Day Vero? 

There are a few parameters to keep in mind when ordering Same-Day Vero parts:

  1. Parts that are ineligible for Same-Day Vero will not show it as an option in the dropdown menu. Eligibility is determined by part geometry; if our algorithm determines that the printing will take longer than 2 hours, the part is not eligible.
  2. Max quantity of 2 per unique part
  3. Parts are printed in an assortment of colors (whichever one is loaded on the machine assigned to fabricate your part), including white, black, clear, and amber.

Note that if you select a variety of production speeds for different parts in a single order, the production speed will default to the slowest one. For example, if you order a part with 1-day production, and another part with same-day production, both parts will be produced with 1-day production. So don’t include parts that have been configured for 1 or 2-day production with your Same-Day Vero parts!

When will my parts be delivered?

If you place your order by 10am PST, your parts will be produced and shipped out that same day. Delivery time depends on your ZIP code and selected delivery option. 

Parts ordered by 10am will be delivered before 6pm same-day to ZIP codes in the San Francisco Bay Area, with courier or pick up selected as delivery options. For all other U.S. locations, parts will be delivered by 10am next-day with overnight shipping.

Here’s a timeline graphic to help you understand when to expect your parts based on ordering time:

How do I use Same-Day Vero?

Ordering with Same-Day Vero is simple:

  1. Upload parts to create a new quote.

2. During part configuration, select "3D Printing" as your process and "Same-Day Vero" as your material.

3. Once a part is configured, choose your part quantity (max 2).
4. Add your part to your cart, and proceed to checkout.
5. At checkout, select your delivery option. If you order before 10am, pickup or courier will get you parts by end-of-day in the San Francisco Bay Area, and by 10am next-day everywhere else in the U.S with overnight shipping.
6. Checkout with credit card or purchase order!

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