When quoting your CNC parts, we strongly recommend that you upload and attach a PDF drawing that calls out all critical dimensions, tapped holes, tolerances, and finishing information relative to your part.

  1. Upload your files directly from your computer. Once they're uploaded, click Configure.
  2. Choose your manufacturing process. We currently support 2D drawings for all of our manufacturing processes except for 3D printing.
  3. As you configure your part, choose Upload a 2D drawing and a prompt will show up.
  4. Click Upload file to select your drawing from your computer. Alternatively, if you've already uploaded your drawing, you can hover over Attach from quote and select the correct drawing from the dropdown list.

Important to Note:

  1. A drawing is required if you are requesting Certificates of Conformances, First Article Inspections, CMM Reports, or Material Certifications. Learn more about requesting this documentation here.
  2. Uploading a PDF drawing precludes the use of our auto-thread detection feature. If you ONLY have tapped holes you need to call out in addition to the CAD, you may use auto-thread detection.
  3. .pdf is the only drawing file format we currently support.
  4. For engineering drawing basics, check out our article on How to Make an Engineering Drawing.
  5. To save you machining costs and time on your part, take a look at Engineering Drawing Best Practices.
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