When quoting your CNC parts, we strongly recommend that you upload and attach a PDF drawing that calls out all critical dimensions, tapped holes, tolerances, and finishing information relative to your part.

  1. Directly in Instant Quotes: click “upload parts” and add the file directly from your computer.
  2. Choose “CNC machining” as your process. We do not allow drawings for 3D printed parts unless you intend to order a multi-material print. If this is the case, check out this article on ordering a multi-material 3D print. If you are looking for another manufacturing process where a drawing is essential for the production of your parts, please get in touch with your sales rep or contact us using the live-chat feature.
  3. As you configure your part, choose “I have a PDF drawing” - you will be prompted to upload your PDF drawing at this point.

Important to Note:

  1. PDF is the only drawing file format currently supported.
  2. Uploading a PDF drawing precludes the use of our auto-thread detection feature. If you ONLY have tapped holes you need to call out in addition to the CAD, you may use auto-thread detection to easily call out standard thread types right inside Fictiv Fabricate.
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