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What is your return/remake policy?
What is your return/remake policy?

Our policy and process for non-conforming parts

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Fictiv strives for manufacturing top notch parts and fulfilling orders that meet and exceed expectations. We are constantly aiming to improve our inspection and manufacturing capabilities. However, we have an established policy and process to correct a wide variety of issues via a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) should you receive any non-conforming parts that don’t meet your order requirements.

What Qualifies as an RMA?

Fictiv qualifies an RMA as any measurable dimension or defined feature that doesn’t meet the requirements established by either you or Fictiv at the point of order or during order fulfillment. To name a couple for CNC Machining, there could be missing threads or oversized thicknesses. For injection molding, urethane casting, or 3D printing, there could be the wrong color, sinking, or holes. After you alert us of a non-conformance, we will investigate the issue called out. In some cases, we may require the physical part be sent to us to carry this out. If we find that the part didn’t meet all order requirements, we will authorize an RMA and then determine if a rework, remanufacture, or refund is the best next step.

Rework vs Remanufacture 

The process for fixing non-conformities falls into two categories: reworks and remanufacture. Reworks mean the part can be modified to be brought back in spec, remanufacture means a new part must be made from scratch. For a rework, we would require the out-of-spec parts be either shipped or couriered back to Fictiv HQ.

Once the part is at Fictiv, we will carry out the necessary steps with our partners to get the parts back within your spec. Once they’re all set, Fictiv will deliver the in-spec parts back to you. For remanufactures, we will reach out to our partners to get a new part kicked off. In this case, we will swap the newly made parts with the out-of-spec ones.

In either case, the timeline may vary depending on the quantity of parts, the type of issue, and our partners’ availability. During RMA processes, we will maintain constant communication with you on where we’re at in the process and when you should expect that parts. 

When and How to Reach Out

Fictiv has a 72-hour window where you can notify us of a non-conformance. If you notify us of a non-conformance over 72 hours after having received your order, there is no guarantee that we will be able to be able to issue an RMA. The sooner we’re notified, the better. 

In cases where your requirements weren’t met, but weren’t called out during the order, feel free to reach out to us anyway! We’re happy to work a possible solution with you. 

For RMA’s or questions on non-conforming parts, reach out to or to your Fictiv customer support contact.


If the parts you receive don’t meet your requirements because there were requirements not communicated to Fictiv through an engineering drawing or communicated during part configuration on our platform, we are happy to work with you to determine what cost and timeline will be necessary to meet your requirements.

If Fictiv is at-fault for a non-conformance, we will cover the costs of shipping and the rework or remanufacture needed for the RMA.

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