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How do I request inspection reports?
How do I request inspection reports?

Ensure your parts are to spec with Fictiv’s standard and advanced inspection offerings

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In accordance with our ISO-9001 certified quality management process, Fictiv offers four inspection options that provide varying degrees of granularity, as well as two additional pieces of quality documentation. These options are detailed below:

Standard inspection reports

As part of our standard inspection protocol for all parts manufactured by 3D printing or CNC machining, we offer inspection reports at no additional cost. Our manufacturing partners submit these reports upon the completion of production, and a member of our Supplier Quality Engineering (SQE) team reviews them prior to fulfillment.

Visual Inspection Reports (3D printed parts only): This report verifies that your parts are free of any cosmetic non-conformances in violation of our Cosmetic Standards policy.

Dimensional Inspection Reports (CNC parts only): Once a part is ordered, our software automatically creates a 2D drawing that highlights the part’s critical dimensions. Our manufacturing partner uses this drawing to inspect the part and provides a completed inspection report. If you submit a drawing with tolerances tighter than the ISO 2768 medium standard, the Dimensional Inspection Report will include measurements of all linear dimensions measurable with hand metrology.

Advanced inspection reports

Advanced Inspection Report: Selecting an Advanced Inspection Report requires you to specify which dimensions you want included on an inspection report by providing a bubbled drawing. We will then use any inspection method capable of inspecting your dimensions based on our discretion, unless you specify otherwise. Adding an Advanced Inspection report to a quote can add 3-5 business days to the lead time.

First Article Inspection (FAI): We offer two different types of FAI inspection:

  1. Inspection of 100% of the features on one part from a completed lot

  2. Inspection of 100% of the features on one part and getting your approval prior to producing the remaining quantity. This option is more expensive due to the idle machine time required while the part is pending approval.

To request FAI, call it out on a drawing and attach the drawing to your part; because definitions and requirements for FAIs can vary, please chat with us during quoting to receive accurate pricing and lead time.

Other quality documentation

In addition to our standard and advanced inspection options, Fictiv makes it easy to request key quality documentation such as Certificates of Conformity (CoCs) and Material Certificates. While configuring your part(s), click over to the Additional requirements tab of the quoting window and you will be able to request these documents.

Accessing reports and quality documentation

Regardless of which inspection option(s) you select, Fictiv guarantees that all of the applicable paperwork will be included in the shipment with your parts.

In addition to a paper copy, our transparency features enable you to view electronic copies of past inspection documentation at any time--to access it, you can simply click View inspection in the order tracker queue for any individual part, or the Inspection report data download button on the top of your order detail page for all of the parts in an order.

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