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How do I track and manage my orders?
How do I track and manage my orders?

Track production status and view inspection materials 24/7

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Traditional manufacturing is a black box. Once you send your parts to your manufacturer, you either have to cross your fingers and hope the parts arrive on time, or waste time manually chasing down updates. With Fictiv’s radical transparency features, it’s finally possible to receive the consistent supply chain transparency needed to achieve on-schedule, high-quality manufacturing results.

Track your order at every stage of production

To check the status of an order, navigate to the Orders page in your account and click View order detail. This brings you to your order tracker, where you can view your parts’ current production status and estimated ship date.

The order tracker will automatically update as your parts move through the various stages of production. Once your order ships out, the tracker will populate with your shipment’s third-party tracking number and shipping status so that you can follow it every step of the way.

Revisit past configuration details

If you want to inform your next round of design revisions with historical data, our transparency features offer you a full scope of the configuration information for any previously ordered part.

These details are displayed in your order tracker, where you can review information regarding the process, material, finish(es), and quantity of any part. If you attached a 2D drawing to your part to call out additional specifications, it is available for download underneath your part's name for easy access.

Finally, you can bring up the 3D Viewer by clicking on the name of the part in the order tracker. From there, you can review any Design for Manufacturability feedback you received on your part, as well as any threads you may have called out during configuration using our Auto Thread Detection feature.

Confirm your parts meet your requirements before they arrive

Once our Quality Control Operators complete their inspection of your parts, the inspection data is automatically uploaded to your order detail page, enabling you to preview our standard Fictiv Inspection Report, as well as any specifically requested quality documentation such as Certificates of Conformance or Material Certifications, before you receive your parts.

Our Quality Control team also captures and uploads clear, high-resolution photos of your parts during their inspection. To view any of this information, you can either click View inspection in the order tracker queue for any individual part, or the Inspection report data download button on the top of your order detail page.

We hope these features give you more data to make faster decisions, so you can spend less time chasing down suppliers and more time pushing forward the work that matters. If you have any questions, contact us at

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