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How do I request hardware installation?
How do I request hardware installation?

Instantly quote parts with dowel pins, helicoils, bushings, and more

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Fictiv’s quoting technology reduces friction by allowing our users to easily attain quotes for parts that require hardware installation. We accept the following types of hardware features for any part manufactured via CNC:

  • Various types of dowel pins, including standard pins, threaded studs, locating pins, and support buttons

  • Various types of helical and threaded inserts

  • Bushing inserts

For 3D printed parts:

  • Heat-set inserts

To get a quote for hardware installation, the location and type of the hardware must be specified in an attached PDF drawing. Please provide as much detail as possible about the hardware you want installed; including the material, size, and/or supplier part ID enables our quoting engineers to ensure that your part is made to spec.

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