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How do I select a lead time for my quote?
How do I select a lead time for my quote?

Find a lead time that fits your project needs

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On every Fictiv quote, we provide multiple lead time options to give you the flexibility to make decisions based on your budget and project deadlines.

Once your parts are fully configured, you can navigate between these different options in the Lead time selection module.

The costs of every lead time option populate automatically based on your parts' specifications, giving you a complete range of prices from the fastest domestic option to the slowest overseas option.

If you’d like to customize lead times for individual parts in your quote, click over to the Select individual lead times tab at the top of your quote overview page.

In this view, you can change lead times for individual parts, enabling you to select both overseas and domestic production for different parts in a single quote. We typically provide both domestic and overseas options for every part, although depending on your requirements, certain parts may only be eligible for production in one of the two locations.

Please note that all parts in your quote will ship together based on the part with the longest lead time. If you’d like to organize your parts based on lead time, you can use our Move to... feature to transfer your parts to another quote, or create a brand new quote for them.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your quote, please reach out to us at

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