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Consult with DFM Specialist
Consult with DFM Specialist

DFM Specialist can provide design recommendations to help improve manufacturability/cost/lead time at any stage of product development.

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In the process of developing a new product, the complexity or the cost of manufacturing a part can sometimes become a bottleneck and delay the project. Fictiv's mission is to enable product innovators to create and we look for ways to reduce the time and effort required to get a high-quality part manufactured. Some time back, we introduced the concept automatic Design for Manufacturability (DFM) feedback in our service. This allows our customers to configure a part and receive automatic DFM feedback to help improve the manufacturability of the part. This has been very valuable to our customers to help them create updated part revisions to continue making progress on their project goals.

At times, this automatic DFM feedback is not enough and it requires deeper analysis. However, the expertise for that level of analysis is not always available within a company. That's why, based on our customers' feedback, we are introducing a new service to Fictiv Premium. It's called Live Consultations with DFM Specialists.

For a limited time, as part of Fictiv Premium Trial account, an organization has access to our DFM specialists. It includes:

  • 1:1 live manufacturability consultations with a DFM specialist

  • Recommendations to improve part designs for manufacturability, reduce costs optimize lead times, or simply ask questions to help you accomplish project goals

  • Quick turnaround of feedback following initial call

This feedback is delivered by Fictiv's in-house manufacturing experts and is high-quality, reliable, and actionable. It will help in filling the manufacturing expertise gap within your organization and reduce the time it takes to finalize the part design.

How to request Live Consultation with Fictiv DFM Specialist?

First, ensure that you are a member of your organization's Fictiv Business Account. For details on joining your business account, see here.

Once you are in the business account, for any quote that has a part with a DFM Warning or Failure, a prompt will show the option of scheduling a call with a DFM specialist. See the example quote and part below:

Once the "Schedule call" button is clicked, following dialog opens to ask for more information and to submit the request. Upon submission, our DFM specialist gets notified and will get back to you to schedule a live consultation.

NOTE: This is a BETA service and only available to select Fictiv Premium Trial customers for a limited time. If you would like access to this service, contact us at

We hope you'll take advantage of this trial offering and give us feedback on it's value to your organization in accomplishing your project goals.

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