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Getting started with Fictiv Teams
Getting started with Fictiv Teams
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Fictiv Teams is a digital workspace that makes it faster & easier to coordinate the sourcing of custom parts by providing high visibility and control — across projects, teams, and even an entire company. For engineering and supply chain teams, Fictiv Teams provides a digital manufacturing platform with collaborative workflows and advanced quoting tools to keep teams in sync and in control.

A Fictiv Teams account represents a grouping of individual user accounts from the same company or a business unit of a very large company. When a Fictiv Teams account is enabled for a company, its employees can be added to it so that they can enjoy the benefits.

What's included with Fictiv Teams?

  • Team Workspaces - Collaborate on quotes with colleagues. Pick up where a fellow engineer left off or hand things over to purchasing to finalize

  • Multi-team Controls - Organize activity by team or project -- as many as you like within a Teams Account.

  • Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Integration - Integrate Fictiv with your internal procurement system to streamline ordering on the platform.

  • Lead Time Optimizer - Automated guidance for adjusting order requirements to hit a target delivery date.

How do I get set up with Fictiv Teams?

If your organization does not have Fictiv Teams, click the “Try Teams” button on the top right menu next to your account dropdown. This will open a sidebar as shown in [Fig. 1] where you can enable Teams for your organization. If you are pre-approved (and your email is verified), clicking the “Enable Teams” button will activate the Fictiv Teams account for your organization immediately. If you are not pre-approved, you will have the option to submit a request and a member of our team will reach out to you with next steps.

For further assistance, contact your sales representative or email us at

Fig. 1

How do I join my company's Fictiv Teams account?

There are a few ways to join your company's Fictiv Teams account:

  1. Existing user on Fictiv? If you already have a user account with Fictiv, you may login and see a note like [Fig. 2] that allows you to request access to the Teams account.

    Fig. 2

    An email is sent to you to verify your email address, if it's not already verified. When you use the link from the email, your email address is verified and you become an active member of the Teams account. If the link in the email expires or the email is lost, you can request another verification email from the My account section.

    If your email address is already verified, you immediately become an active member of the Teams account and receive an email welcoming you to the Teams account.

  2. Not an existing user on Fictiv? If you don't have a user account with Fictiv, you may ask your colleague who is already a member in the Teams account to invite you or contact us at Once you are invited, an email is sent to you to sign-up and accept the invitation to join the Teams account. Once you sign-up using the link from the email, you immediately become an active member of the Teams account.

Note: A user can be a member of one Teams account.

How do I invite users to my Fictiv Teams account?

As active members of a Fictiv Teams account, users can invite their colleagues to the Teams account. This is done through the "Invite to <Teams account name>" button in the top right menu as shown in [Fig. 3], where there’s a link to see existing members of the Teams account.

Fig. 3

To invite others to the Teams account, type in the email addresses that need to be invited, as shown in [Fig 4].

Fig. 4

The recipients receive an email to sign-up or verify their email address, depending on whether they already have a user account with Fictiv.

How do I deactivate my user account with Fictiv?

In the situation when you no longer want to use Fictiv or you are leaving your company, you can request to deactivate your user account on Fictiv. This is done through the Account details tab under My account section. As show in [Fig. 5], click on Contact us to email us about deactivating your account. If desired, we can assist you in adding your personal quotes and orders to a team workspace to maintain visibility for your colleagues.

Fig. 5

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