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Can you deliver parts to my location?
Can you deliver parts to my location?

Find out where Fictiv can ship parts

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We ship parts anywhere within the United States and Canada.
For Canada shipping, however, the customer must serve as importer of record and Ex-Works (EXW) will be used as the INCOTERM, regardless of the total order value. This means you will be responsible for the payment of any duties imposed on imported merchandise and will be required to provide all customs clearance information, including HTS code(s) and part description(s), as required by Customs and Border Protection, to avoid delays upon importation to Canada. To learn more about tariff implications and how to provide HTS codes, please refer to this article.
While Fictiv does not presently fulfill orders or ship parts to other international locations, in most cases we are able to work with your international shipping carrier or freight forwarder to meet your overseas shipping needs. Please contact or your account representative to inquire whether your order can be shipped to a specific country.

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