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Can I cancel or make changes to an existing order?
Can I cancel or make changes to an existing order?

What to do if you catch a mistake with your order

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As soon as you place an order with Fictiv, we spring into action and assign your parts to the Manufacturing Partner in our network who's most suited to manufacture them. Due to how quickly parts go into production, it is often difficult to change or cancel an order after it has been placed.

If you need to cancel or make changes to an order, contact us via chat or by emailing immediately so that we can attempt to accommodate your request.

If the order has not already started production, we will be able to accommodate cancelations. Canceled parts are refunded automatically.

Updates to the design, material selection, or production speed are more difficult to accommodate. Depending on the scenario, we may cancel the original order and ask that you place a new updated order to ensure that your requirements are accurately provided to our Manufacturing Partner.

Below are some quick tips to give you an idea of optimal timing for these requests.

  • Orders placed late evening or early the next morning may not have been scheduled immediately for production--if we are notified before 10am PST, there is a chance we can cancel the order.

  • Orders placed in the afternoon before our 3pm PST deadline have a much tighter window and sometimes get scheduled for production immediately. If notified within 5-10min of the order, there is a chance we can cancel the order.

  • Adjustments to shipping address/method are easy to change, as long as they're before the ship date. 

Some cancelations are subject to costs incurred and/or other fees. Most ECOs will have associated fees and/or impact to the LT.

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