At Fictiv, we're proud of the speed with which we can effectively deliver quality controlled parts. When you place an order, the Fictiv engine kicks into high gear.

As soon as our production team receives an order, they evaluate the process, material, lead time, and geometry of the parts, and then utilize our smart sourcing algorithms to divide up and assign each part to the manufacturing partners who are most suited for the job. Every Fictiv manufacturing partner is under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement, so you can rest assured that your intellectual property will be safe within our network.

Once the partner accepts the job and manufactures the parts, they will proceed with the Fictiv Five--our proprietary inspection process in which our partner measures five critical inspection points using hand metrology equipment. The minimum quality control adheres to the ISO 2768 medium standard, but our partners also check for compliance with any callouts stated in drawings or notes for the order. 

If the parts pass the Fictiv Five, our partner will upload detailed photos to the back end of the Fictiv Platform, and our own Quality Control experts will remotely review the parts for any cosmetic defects or dimensional non-conformances that our manufacturing partner might have missed. 

Once the parts pass both inspections, they're packed up and ready to be sent out to you!

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