Quotes can be created and purchased privately within the My quotes & orders section. Such quotes and orders can be added to a team. Quotes and orders that have either been created in or added to a team are visible to all members of that team. Additionally, every team member has the ability to edit and purchase any member's quotes or place reorders.

Note: Quotes and orders created in a team or added to a team are still visible to the original Quote owner and purchaser in their My quotes & orders section outside of the team.

To create a quote that is not visible in a team, go to "My quotes & orders" on the left-hand menu bar [Fig. 1].

Fig. 1

Quotes that are created in "My quotes & orders" remain private unless those are added to a team or shared with a collaborator.

Note: If a team member is added as a collaborator on a quote that is in a team and they are then removed from that team, they can still see that quote since they are a collaborator on that specific quote. The removed team member can not see any other details about that team or its members, quotes or orders.

To share a quote with a collaborator without adding them to a team, refer to this article.

To add private quotes or orders to a team, refer to this article.

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