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Creating and managing a team
Creating and managing a team

Learn how to create a team in Fictiv, add or remove members, leave a team, delete a team

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Team Workspaces provide team-wide visibility into quotes and orders, a feature available to Fictiv Teams accounts. The first step towards enjoying the benefits of Team Workspaces is to create a team or join an existing team. For a user to create a team or join a team, they need to be an active member of their company's Fictiv Teams account. All members of that Teams account can create and manage a team. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a team, add team members, view team members, remove team members, leave a team, and delete a team.

Creating a team

To create a team, click on "+ Create a new team" on the left-hand menu bar [Fig. 1].

Fig. 1

A dialog will appear wherein a team name can be specified. This may be a team, project, or another identifier [Fig. 2].

Fig. 2

Upon clicking "Create team" button in that dialog box, the user is directed to the newly created team with the chosen name. The team name can be changed at any time. The user who created the team automatically becomes a member of that team.

Note: A user can create any number of teams.

In this new team, members can be added or removed, members can add their quotes and orders to the team or create new quotes and orders in the team.

Note: Similar to the member who created the team, any member on that team has full permissions to manage the team, including adding or removing members, adding or removing quotes and orders, deleting quotes, deleting the team. These actions are not limited to the member who created the team.

Adding team members

To add members to a team, simply click "Add team members" on the upper right-hand side [Fig. 3]. This opens a new dialog for Team members.

Fig. 3

In this dialog for team members, as shown in Fig. 4, clicking in the search box automatically shows a list of users who are already members of the Fictiv Teams account. The list gets filtered as each letter of the email address is typed. A user can be added to a team by simply selecting them from this list.

Fig. 4

The user added to a team will receive an email notifying them about getting added to the team with a link to view that team. [Fig. 5]. When finished with adding users to the team, the dialog can be closed.

Fig. 5

If the user does not have a Fictiv account or is not yet part of your organization’s Fictiv Teams account, they will be invited to create an account and join your organization’s Fictiv Teams account.

Note: A user can be added to any number of teams.

Viewing team members

You can view members in a team by clicking "+ View team members" [Fig. 6].

Fig. 6

Removing team members

To remove a team member, click "+ View team members" [Fig. 6]. Locate the member on the list in the dialog box and click "Remove". [Fig. 7]. A confirmation dialog will pop-up. Click "Remove from team" button to confirm.

Fig. 7

Once a user is removed from a team, they lose access to all the quotes and orders of that team. They can still access the quotes they created and the orders they placed, even if those are inside the team. To learn more about quote and order visibility, refer to this article.

Leaving a team

If a user wants to leave a team, the team must have at least one other member in order to not orphan that team. Once the team contains more than one member, a user may leave that team in one of the two ways:

  1. Click "Leave team" on the upper right-hand side of the team workspace [Fig. 8]

  2. Click "+ View team members" and click "Leave" next to your email address [Fig. 9]

Both of these options are disabled if the team contains one user only.

Note: Users can not leave a team if they are the only member of the team. If it's an empty team with no quotes and orders, it can be deleted if it's no longer needed.

Fig. 8

Fig. 9

Deleting a team

To delete a team, click "Delete team" on the upper right-hand side of the Team workspace [Fig. 10]. A dialog appears asking for confirmation to delete. Once confirmed, the team is deleted. This action cannot be undone, and to prevent the accidental loss of data, a team cannot be deleted if it contains any quotes or orders. It is possible to create another team with the same name.

Note: a team can not be deleted if it contains a quote or an order.

Fig. 10

More information

For more help on using the Team Workspace, refer to the articles below:

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