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Getting started with Fictiv Premium
Getting started with Fictiv Premium
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Fictiv Premium is a digital workspace that makes it faster & easier to coordinate the sourcing of custom parts by providing high visibility and control โ€” across projects, teams, and even an entire company. For engineering and supply chain teams, Fictiv Premium provides a digital manufacturing platform with collaborative workflows and advanced quoting tools to keep teams in sync and in control.

What's included with Fictiv Premium?

  • Team Workspaces - Collaborate on quotes with colleagues. Pick up where a fellow engineer left off or hand things over to purchasing to finalize

  • Multi-team Controls - Organize activity by team or project -- as many as you like within a Business Account.

  • Preferred Pricing - Exclusive Business Account-wide savings on all orders.

  • Lead Time Optimizer - Automated guidance for adjusting order requirements to hit a target delivery date.

How do I get set up with Fictiv Premium?

To get set up with Fictiv Premium, contact your sales representative or email us at

Getting a Business Account set up for your company is a prerequisite for getting enabled with Fictiv Premium. Refer to this article to learn more.

What happens after my trial or membership period for Fictiv Premium ends?

Once the trial or membership period ends, the features included in Fictiv Premium are no longer available. Users can not view the teams that they created or were a member of. The quotes and orders in the teams are only accessible to the original quote owner or the purchaser. Preferred Pricing, if it was enabled, doesn't apply anymore. To understand what quotes and orders are still accessible and by whom, refer to this article.

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