What are Team Workspaces?
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Team Workspaces is a collaborative experience of sourcing parts from Fictiv and is one of the features included in the Fictiv Premium membership. With Team Workspaces, users can create teams to collaborate with their colleagues. Users can add quotes and orders to teams, get access to each other’s quotes and orders, easily reorder parts from their colleagues' past orders, and track everyone’s orders inside different teams. Team Workspaces provides:

  • End-to-end visibility into engineering activity for managers and purchasers

  • Eliminates the bottlenecks of an unavailable user. Easily take over a missing or departing colleague’s work without missing a beat

  • Easier collaboration as a team on quotes and orders to resolve any issues

  • a view into the team’s entire order history and the option of placing re-orders

  • Saved time on reporting - no need for extra project tracking documents, file repositories, extra emails or calls just to share information

With Team Workspaces, everyone can stay informed, always.

How does it work?

Active members of a Business Account can create teams or get added to existing teams by other members. Once they are added to a team, a user can add their personal quotes and orders to the team to allow members of that team to view and collaborate on those quotes and orders.

There's no need to use shared user accounts! This improves the user experience and better protects the Intellectual Property.

When people go on vacation or leave their company, their quotes and orders can stay in the team for other team members to access. This enables continuity of business operations by eliminating such bottleneck situations.

Users can organize their quotes and orders activity by a project, a team, or other structures that are most suitable for their organization.

Getting started with Team Workspaces

To start using Team Workspaces, refer to the articles below:

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