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How do I find my orders?
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We at Fictiv realize our customers don't often track orders internally using Fictiv's order ID which is why we have updated our order search function to enable you to search by order name, part number, and PO number. Read on to learn how to use this feature.

Using the search function

To search specific orders using Order name, Part name, or Purchase Order number (PO#), navigate to the Orders list page [Fig. 1]. Click on the Search bar and type in the full or partial text for your specific order name, part name (within the order), or the PO# [Fig. 2]. For example, if your file name is 1010_back_plate_rev1.sldprt, you may search "1010", “1010_back”, "back", or "plate" for your order to appear.

Please note the search keywords must be continuous parts of the text and it will not work if you use text from different sections or omit characters (E.g., "1010 back plate" will not work).

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

All previous actions like Reorder, Viewing Order details, and Downloading Order confirmation are available as before.

What if I can't find my order?

If your order doesn't appear, try one of the following:

  1. Double-check your input

  2. If you're trying to find an order that was placed by someone else, sign up for Fictiv Premium and add your colleague to a Team to see their orders

  3. Give us feedback if you're certain you should be able to find the result. We'll look into it!

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